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Crack the Code of Personalities:

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Have you ever wondered why people are different and how we can interact better with each other? MBTi, which stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, is a reliable tool widely used to determine individual personality. This course will help you explore the 16 different personality types based on the MBTi system and their practical applications in daily life and work.

Why MDT?

  • Strong experience in Vietnam working with the Top 100 companies.

  • Provide diverse training methods, in-class, and/or Blended.

  • Management and training delivery team have over 30 years of combined leadership,

  • sales, and training experience in Canada and Vietnam.

  • MDT Training was recognized as TOP 10 Leadership Development Companies in

  • Asia Pacific Region (APAC) in 2019 by HR Tech Outlook

  • Accurate tracking of employment engagement and performance, and training

  • effectiveness, using modern technology which allows us to produce ROI statistics.

  • Training satisfaction surveys used to capture extensive feedback on content, trainers,

  • and on-the job relevance with pre-workshop, and post-workshop surveys.

Why you should join this course?

Course Objectives

  • Identify your personality type and learn about the characteristics, strengths, and limitations of each type.

  • Analyze the differences and similarities among different personality types.

  • Apply MBTi knowledge to enhance communication, interaction, and teamwork.

  • Build a harmonious and cohesive work environment based on understanding personality.

  • Explore personal potential and self-development based on your personality.


Part 1: Unveiling the Power of MBTi
  1. Unraveling the Mystery: The Origins and Evolution of MBTi

  2. Mastering the MBTi Mindset: Unleashing Your Learning Potential

  3. The Symmetrical Dance: Exploring the Fascinating Dichotomies of MBTi

Part 2: Embrace the Extroverted and Introverted Worlds
  1. Diving Deep: Unleashing the Superpowers of Extraversion and Introversion

  2. Stepping into Their Shoes: Immersive Scenarios to Understand Preferences

  3. Discover Your Inner Leanings: Unveiling Your Personal Orientation

Part 3: Sensing and Intuition: Unleash Your Inner Perception
  1. Unlocking the Perception Puzzle: Navigating Sensing and Intuition

  2. Exercises That Elevate: Practical Adventures in Sensing and Intuition

  3. Decoding Your Natural Inclinations: Illuminating Your Personal Orientation

Part 4: Thinking and Feeling: The Heart-Head Connection
  1. The Battle of Thoughts and Emotions: Unraveling Thinking and Feeling

  2. Real-Life Dilemmas: Testing Your Thinking and Feeling Preferences

  3. Unleashing Your Inner Compass: Embracing Your Personal Orientation

Part 5: Judging and Perceiving: The Dance of Structure and Flexibility
  1. From Judging to Perceiving: Embracing the Dynamic Spectrum Navigating

  2. Real-Life Scenarios: Challenges and Insights for Judging and Perceiving

  3. Embrace Your Adaptive Style: Discovering Your Personal Orientation

Part 6: Applying MBTi for Self-Transformation
  1. Finding Your Balance: Stressors and Strategies for Personal Harmony

  2. Conflict Resolution Masterclass: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

  3. Empowered Collaboration: Engaging in Transformative Group Exercises


Facilitated by Mr. Nam Nguyen,
Managing Director at MDT

  • 10 years of corporate training experiene for both expats and Vietnamese.

  • Working for both corporates and start ups in different industries.

  • Unit Head of Employee Engagement – VPB SMBC FC

  • General Manager – 8A Education

  • Managing Director – MDT Training 

  • Previous clients: Vietinbank, HSBC, ILA Vietnam, Manabie International, Infocus Mekong, etc

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More chance to interact with others and more effective


Activities based and Game based which provide lots of energy for learners


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